Frame & Unibody

Don't worry, your frame is not "SPRUNG"! 


Frame and unibody repair are a normal part of collision restoration.  Today's unibody structures are designed to absorb the energy from an impact so that the passengers are protected.  If the impact is hard enough, some of the structural (frame) components of your vehicle may be damaged.   This might require replacement or straightening of some of these components. 


Our well-trained, skilled technicians are capable of handling these repairs on your car or truck.  Whether you have a full frame truck, or a unibody car, we have the experience and equipment to make your repairs quickly, and safely.


Our equipment includes a state-of-the-art measuring device that uses ultrasonic sound waves to measure the critical dimensions of your car or truck to less than 1mm of the factory specifications.  Our straightening rack clamps your vehicle tight and can apply over 10 tons of force to straighten and repair the damaged areas back to original dimensions.


We also utilize a high pressure, squeeze-type resistant spot welder that duplicates the spot welds used at the factory.   This programmable welder is so advanced it recognizes the thicknesses and number of layers of metal being joined in the spot weld.  This is crucial in ensuring your car is returned to factory specifications, right down to the last weld.


Finally, corrosion protection is restored to all repaired areas to prevent premature failure of these areas in the future.







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